Imagine the slowly sneaking smile that will envelop your face as you all look through a collection of photos that clearly shows how lovely they were when they were just a few weeks old. Time flies with the blink of an eye and we miss the precious moments of your tiny one you often forget to click these memories to make them everlasting! This is why newborn baby photography plays such an important role in your lives. Your child will not only be happy to see these photos, but they will be happy that you took so much time and effort to preserve those priceless moments as well.

Welcoming a newborn baby to the family is a thrilling experience for many. The joy that envelopes your heart when you hold your little one and cuddle them with compassion is incomparable!

As a mom for the first time and even as a second time, the first few weeks are a little stressful.  From lack of sleep and figuring out how to get into a regular routine, it can be tough. How relived you will it be knowing that you will be getting pretty photos of your newborn baby without having to exert a lot of time and energy.  Our professional newborn baby photographer will do it all!  

Never have any regrets.  Period.  

Babies change and grow so fast.  Having those pretty pictures of them is such a precious treasure. 

With adorable props, from baskets to blankets and bows to booties, we will for sure make your little bundle of joy look pristine and super cute.  Along with props our professional newborn baby photographer has immense knowledge about the importance of lighting to getting the best angle with the camera.

Handling a newborn baby is no easy task.  They can flip and flop and still need the upmost care and gentleness.  Our Professional newborn baby photographers know the in’s and out’s of proper posing.  Having someone confident and knowledgeable about poses is another huge bonus of picking a professional and you can check out our previous works……..

I think every momma needs to have pretty pictures of their newborn babies and that is what we aim to do. Your little bundle of joy will be growing so fast. When you’ll look at these pictures you will be reminded about these amusing days. It brings back memories that you’ll never forgot.

Each newborn baby is so precious in their own right and I always feel honored when I am chosen to create memories for families. Over the years, Little Stories Newborn Baby Photography Studio has collected many gorgeous props, fabrics and clothing to truly make your baby’s session unique. I carefully select only the best pieces and have great pride in creating beautifully classic portraiture to be cherished. Click here to know more about our Newrbon Baby Photography Props

Little Stories is known for its fresh & fun filled newborn baby photography sessions in Delhi NCR

As photographers, we at Little Stories, appreciate how quickly these days go by and the importance of capturing the tiniest of details of your new born, while they are still little.


Our residential and dedicated newborn baby photography studio is located in Delhi & Studio. Unique storytelling setups, bamboo furniture, rustic backgrounds, handmade props, imported fabrics and fur make our newborn baby studio special. We avail some of the best available technology in our newborn studio. High Quality newborn photography standards are maintained using Professional Canon R5 with Prime Lenses and industry’s professional lights. We also offer thematic newborn baby photo shoots with a wide range of themes like Hogwarts, Candyland, Little Sailor and many more. Little Stories Newborn Baby Photography Studio, Delhi, NCR offer full time professional photography service for newborn, baby, kids, maternity and cake smash. We do not use direct flash light for Newborn photoshoot. We wield bounce light & soft light so that it is safe during a Newborn baby photo shoot.

Little Stories have a wide range of charming props and setups for studio photography as well as natural outdoor kids photography. All the wooden props are handmade and designed by Little Stories Newborn Photography Studio.

You can book an appointment with one of the best Newborn, kids & maternity photography studio in Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida and we can assure you that you will spend quality family time with us with a witness of fun filled newborn photography session. 



Hiring the best hands for a newborn baby photography shoot is just as crucial as preserving these memories. Not every photographer can do this. And it requires someone with experience and expertise to soothe a newborn baby and understand why newborn photography is so important.

As newborn baby photographers, it’s my utmost delight to help parents capture moments they can proudly look back on many years later. When you look at your little one’s baby photos, you can’t help but fall deeply in love all over again and hold them dear to your heart.

Capturing your newborn baby's milestones starting with tiny toes, sleepy smiles, and delicate wisps of baby-fine hair is all what makes our hearts melt! They are keepsakes and memories, art for your home and gifts that are meant to last. Choosing our professional newborn photographer with a dedicated newborn baby studio for infants and new parents will guarantee that you get excellent quality photos you will treasure forever and have a relaxing session that keeps everyone happy, cozy, and stress-free!



Rekha Sharma, a Delhi NCR, India based professional photographer specialising in Maternity, Newborn, Children, Kids, Family & Lifestyle photography. Rekha Sharma reckon that babies are delightful bundle of joy.

"It feels surreal to see the importance of my clicked photographs in the lives of parents with their gratitude. Parents take a fancy to see them again and again! I am passionate towards Newborn photography profession and give my hundred percent to click finest newborn baby photos for the clients. I am always inspired by my 7 year old who always gives me aspiration and motivation to pursue my profession to click gradient memories for families!"

Rekha Sharma uses unique storytelling Self-designed setups for her newborn baby photoshoots. It is her innate passion to capture exquisite dreamy photos of Newborn babies and children. Rekha Sharma execute outdoor shoots in natural sunlight as well as indoor shoots in studio light. She also offers home shoots for Newborn Babies and you can also book a baby shoot for family & lifestyle photography for a day. We carry out our Maternity, Newborn baby & Cake smash photography services in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon region.

The precious expressions of your Newborn baby are priceless. The twinkling eyes, small feet and fingers… how amazing! I know how quickly those days slip away. The first few weeks after birth can be a complete blur. Times fly and we miss the moments. Photographs are the only things you can remember and cherish those tiny moments of your newborn baby. Don’t let those moments pass without capturing them.


Newborn baby photography is a perfect way to capture these magical moments and preserve them forever, which is why newborn baby photography is so important! In as much as you want to cuddle this bundle of joy forever, your newbon baby will grow very fast and turn into an adult before your eyes – all too soon. 

Then you will be left with these memories you have preserved, which will allow for you to cherish them even more than ever and proudly show them to your child who might have blossomed into adulthood. This is a massive reason why newborn baby photography is so important!

We help capture the most precious time in your family’s life. With the help of our professional newborn baby photographer you can preserve in a natural, strikingly beautiful collection of images that you and your family will treasure forever.

Little Stories specialise in newborn baby photography. We do it all in a relaxed but professional way. In every newborn baby shoot, our aim to create something unique, beautiful and memorable for our clients. I love newborn baby photography and all the photos I take reflect pureness of a baby.


Being hesitant and over conscious - For the first few weeks after a baby is born into the family, many parents are themselves sceptical about taking the baby out of the house for a certain amount of days or the starting months. There are a few added myths about newborn photography we get every now and then. Newborn Baby photography is a vividly known concept in western European countries. However, in India, it is a fresh concept and parents feel a little hesitant to take their newborns out of the house. Don’t worry you will not miss out on capturing these moments as in such conditions we make travel arrangements to have a newborn session at your own residence. Checkout our home sessions……….

We wholeheartedly welcome you to our own studio where you will have access to so many more options available for your tiny tot. Costumes, incredible setups, huge variety of toys, props and so much more! Afterall, these are the memories you and they will look back upon, Always.

Anyone could do it! - As much as the baby is tiny, the task of professional newborn photography is no walk in the park! It requires the skills, patience and technical expertise of a professional photographer with experience in handling newborns. A lot of the time is spent rocking, shushing, feeding just to get the baby happy. Every bit of it is worth it after you finally see mesmerizing pictures of your baby.

A really good camera would do the job - No, it takes years learning and perfecting the craft of photography, having a good professional-grade camera and lenses does help but being a good photographer is more about the person behind the camera and their experience than anything. It takes dedication and perfection with such a tiny-tot and not everyone could do it but with our experience you wouldn't have to worry about it!

It can get unexpectedLittle stories offer in-home newborn sessions,as well as outdoor sessions and during that time, babies are often a mixture of awake, crying, eating, and chilling. Sometimes they cry the entire time. That’s OK, that's what babies do! With our experience of more than 1100 newborn shoots and professional expertise we ensure you that we can handle babies well.


Rekha Sharma is qualified professional newborn photographer in Delhi NCR. He is highly experienced in family photography, maternity photography and newborn photography. Not only does he love photographing newborn sessions, but, being a mother of two. With the power of photography newborn babies and your whole family story can be captured to do just that – effectively freeze this moment in time. During your photo session you can be safe in the knowledge that your baby is in experienced hands and with Rekha's creative photography skills, you know you will have some amazing newborn photos. 

A newborn baby photoshoot is all about capturing this precious moment in time…… as the first few days pass by in a blur of feeding & sleepless nights your newborn is already starting to grow & change. Time moves fast and your newborn will never be this small again, so plan a newborn photography session within 25 days after birth. We love newborn photography as it can really highlight how tiny your baby is compared to you and we’re more than happy to have a consultation about your newborn photography session in advance and give advice on what to bring with our newborn photography tips.You can contact us for dicussion or to book a session.


Unique storytelling newborn setups, handmade bamboo furniture, beautiful rustic backgrounds, colorful felted fur and fabric make our newborn studio special. We avail some of the best available technology in our studio.

You can book an appointment with one of the best Newborn, kids & maternity photography studio and we can assure you that you will spend quality family time with us with a witness of fun filled newborn photography session.


We provide safe home sessions at your doorsteps.

Milestones of Early Childhood 

Watching your newborn baby grow during the first year are some timeless memories and we are unable to realize how fast the time flies and we miss the moments. First 365 days are the best time to capture newborn baby’s sweetest expressions, their irresistible smiles, tiny-baby-toes, squishy cheeks, the way they chuckle and their Oh-so wide eyes! This is the period when the baby starts smiling, laughing, grabbing things, rolling over, crawling, walking and henceforth. The thrill of watching the baby milestones is unexplainable. Hence, it is also important to capture each of these moments and preserve it for a lifetime.

Those cute tiny features, chubby cheeks, innocent smile, sparkling eyes

That smile from your newborn baby to a grown baby is priceless

. The moment they start rolling and joining their hands, look around and smiling.

One of the big milestones of early childhood

The precious moment when they sit and smile.

They toddle. They waddle. They fall.

From quirky smiles and giggles to the excitement of thump sucking, crawling, sitting and finally walking!

It’s a beautiful and spellbound experience when they express and try to conversate with their cute talks

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