Greetings! Little Stories Photography is a dedicated maternity, newborn, kids, family & lifestyle photography studio to offer one of the finest photography services in Delhi NCR. Our goal is to capture priceless moments by storytelling and create a profound connection of a baby with their family and capturing these magnificent scenic memories in photographs.

Based in Noida & Delhi, India, Little Stories Photography Studio is known for its top-notch Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Cake-smash Photography sessions which includes Beautiful Designer Costumes, especially Designed Props, Retouching, Self-designed Photo Albums, Canvas Photo Poster and Handcrafted Wooden Frames.

Tiny newborn babies grow so fast and we miss to capture their precious treasurable moments. Your bundle of joy create so many Little stories every day in their life and we help seize these paramount little stories to cherish forever.

It is very important to hire a professional photographer for your newborn baby photoshoot so you can not only truly relax and enjoy the photo session experience but most importantly to have the comfort of thought and trust that your baby is in safe hands. Rekha Sharma is one of the renowned Professional Newborn Photographer in Delhi, NCR who is known for her Storytelling setups and fun filled Kids photography with over an experience of 2500 photoshoots.

Little Stories, came to existence in 2014, with a creative vision of Rekha & Vikas, partners in life as well as at heart and soul.  The inspiration and brilliant creative idea is taken with the birth of our daughter with her was born Little Stories as well. The tiny precious steps of her growth and to see our daughter’s precious moments captured in the camera for our lives to cherish was a priceless feeling and we aspire and pursue the same for every parent! 

Every reminiscent memory is important to us and we try to create a story in each click. More than 2500 families across Delhi, NCR came to us with conviction and confidence out of which almost half of the families come from the word-of-mouth as our grateful clients often recommend our services to their friends and family relatives. The fact which remains is the satisfaction and assurance of homeliness which makes our clients most comfortable.


If you are thinking for a maternity or baby photoshoot, feel free to contact us and we will be honoured to assist you.

Little Stories is known for its fresh & fun filled newborn baby photography sessions in Delhi NCR

As photographers, we at Little Stories, appreciate how quickly these days go by and the importance of capturing the tiniest of details of your new born, while they are still little.


We aspire to capture astounding storytelling photographs to treasure for a lifetime. Photographs are a method to create memories for families which are incomparable gifts of joy for so many beautiful families.These are not just pictures but your ravishing life-stories which we look forward to capture!


To give families a ‘once in a lifetime experience’ with our fun filled photography sessions with taking precautions of all Baby Safety Standards.


In 2014, we started Little Stories Newborn & Kids Photography with the vision to offer the best kids photography services in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida (NCR) India. Our mission is not just to be the best Newborn & Kids photographer in Delhi NCR – but also to give significant storytelling photographs for families that will last you a lifetime of vivid memories and bliss. 

We, at Little Stories Photography Studio, are committed to give our finest to our clients so that when they see the photographs every single time they can rewind their lives down the memory-lane to acknowledge the exquisite times. 

We capture precious memories of your Newborn baby or your family with all their Tiny moments, Candid aesthetic expressions and a Billion reasons to smile with our gradient works. Little Stories works as a team to deliver alluring and graceful photos of your newborn baby and to give you contentment and merriness in your heart.

A Newborn Photoshoot is fragile and a work of serenity. You need an experience and professional traits in a photographer to click heavenly dreamy portraits of your newborn baby. At Little Stories Newborn Photography Studio, you can relax because your baby will be in experienced hands.


I am a Delhi NCR, India based professional photographer specialising in Maternity, Newborn, Children, Kids, Family & Lifestyle photography. I reckon that babies are delightful bundle of joy. It feels surreal to see the importance of my clicked photographs in their lives with their gratification. Parents take a fancy to see them again and again! I am passionate towards Newborn photography profession and give my hundred percent to click finest photos for the client.

I am always inspired by my 8 year old daughter who always gives me aspiration and motivation to pursue my profession to click gradient memories for families! 

I use unique storytelling Self-designed setups for my baby photoshoots. The specially made photography setup props are Hand-crafted while some are imported from US and Europe. It is my innate passion to capture exquisite dreamy photos of Newborn babies and children. We execute outdoor shoots in natural sunlight with some astounding props and setups as well as indoor shoots in studio light. We also offer home shoots for Newborns and you can also hire us for family & lifestyle photography for a day. We carry out our Maternity, Newborn baby & Cake smash photography services in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon region.

The precious expressions of your Newborn baby are priceless. The twinkling eyes, small feet and fingers… how amazing! I know how quickly those days slip away. The first few weeks after birth can be a complete blur. Times fly and we miss the moments. Photographs are the only things you can remember and cherish those tiny moments of your newborn baby. Don’t let those moments pass without capturing them.

Your baby will change so much during that first year. In what seems like the blink of an eye, a tiny helpless bundle is transformed into an active and inquisitive toddler. Kids photography sessions are a wonderful way to capture your child’s first milestones and blossoming personality. From quirky smiles and giggles to the excitement of sitting, crawling, and … walking!!

So many smiles began with little stories.


Our residential yet state of the art photography studio is located in Noida. Unique storytelling setups, bamboo furniture, rustic backgrounds, handmade props, imported fabrics and fur make our studio special. We avail some of the best available technology in our studio. High Quality photography standards are maintained using Professional Canon R5 with Prime Lenses and industry’s professional lights. We also offer thematic kids photography sessions with a wide range of themes like Hogwarts, Candyland, Little Sailor and many more. Little Stories offer full time professional photography service for newborn, baby, kids, maternity and cake smash. We do not use direct flash light for Newborn photoshoot. We wield bounce light & soft light so that it is safe during a Newborn baby photo shoot.

Little Stories have a wide range of charming props and setups for studio photography as well as natural outdoor photography. All the wooden props are handmade and designed by us.

You can book an appointment with one of the best Newborn, kids & maternity photography studio and we can assure you that you will spend quality family time with us with a witness of fun filled Kids photography session. 



Rekha, at Little Stories Photography is a versatile photographer who click fairy-tale portraits in natural light and vibrant & fine art portraits in the studio light. In our photos you will see every photo speaks a story itself.

We are experienced in professional kids photography and we know very well how to give a pose to a baby for a perfect baby photoshoot. During the photoshoot we always intend to make baby comfortable and happy. We use our tricks and techniques to make babies comfortable and happy and post session you get stunning storytelling photographs. We make your baby safe and happy during the shoot and make photo session relaxed and enjoyable for you. 

The results of photo sessions are stupendous and breath-taking. They clearly express the joy and innocence of your little one. We capture each second of their precious expressions with their sweet smiles and innocent twinkling eyes.

Little Stories believe in perfection to create and deliver beautiful portraits that you can keep with you for the lifetime. Quality matters more than quantity to us and spend quality time on a perfect snapshot. Every Baby’s mood is uncertain and we are flexible for the time required to comfort and nurture your tiny one. One typical photo session takes approximately 3-4 hours.

The result is portraiture that makes a clear statement about the personality and essence of the infant.  Our children photography portraits avoid gimmicks and special effects in favour of something far more satisfying:  dynamic expression and composition sprinkled with delicate simplicity. With an eye for perfect moments and unique perspectives, we create infant portraits that are beautiful, intimate, and emotional.



Little Stories look forward to spending time with you to create your modelling portfolio, an art that expresses nothing but your precious moments, truly a masterpiece you will admire forever. As part of our Portfolio Photography, you will receive a custom photo session shaped around your personality and our vision, a portfolio with retouched images, an array of high-end products to choose from


Little Stories avail best cameras and lenses. We use professional Canon R5, Canon Mark4 with Prime canon lenses like 70-200mm f2.8 for outdoor, 85mm 1.4, 24.105f1.4 for indoor photography. We use professional Godox & Profoto lights for fine art portraits. Our equipment are best and fast in photography industry. You will get sharpest details with 45 mega pixal canon R5.  Specially programmed custom lighting in our studio for dark mode, white mode and vibrant mode. We can change environment of our studio as per client’s need either fine arts portraits or vibrant fun photo shoots. 


PRE-SHOOT CONSULTATION - As a parents you have multiple questions and apprehensions before the shoot like how much time it will take, will baby be in safe hands, what if baby get cranky and so on. The pre-shoot consultation establish a level of comfort and you will get to know what will happen on the day of the shoot. We always suggest our client to go to you FAQ page to get a better understanding about the shoot. You can also discuss about our product range and can book it according to your requirements. We will be happy to deliver our services to you when you make a visit to our studio.

DURING SESSION CONSULTATION - Little Stories have a wide range of setups, props & dresses. You can choose the setups of your own choices. We do not have limitation of clicking the shots. We keep clicking the shots until we get our desired result. We click approx. 150-200 photos during the photo shoot. Some parents have their specific requirements. We are open to discuss your requirements before the shoot and we will surely make an effort towards achieving it.

POST SESSION CONSULTATION - Little Stories share all the photographs with you after the shoot and you provide us with final selection of photographs to edit and print. Once you have made your selection in accordance with the package, the images will be retouched and printed.

POSING GUIDANCELittle Stories Newborn Photography Studio has an experienced Newborn baby photographer to help and guide you be comfortable in making poses and taking your concerns. We give you some valuable suggestions to help you create beautiful aesthetic poses.


Unique storytelling newborn setups, handmade bamboo furniture, beautiful rustic backgrounds, colorful felted fur and fabric make our newborn studio special. We avail some of the best available technology in our studio.

You can book an appointment with one of the best Newborn, kids & maternity photography studio and we can assure you that you will spend quality family time with us with a witness of fun filled newborn photography session.

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